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Diane Marie Pinkard Offers
Expert Sales Training for Your Selling Success

Take yourself and your team to the next level
of sales success!
Learn to compete and thrive in today's challenging economic times with Diane Marie Pinkard.


How to Increase Your Sales:
Learn to Sell the Best Product You Have to Offer – Yourself!

  • This program is for All aspiring Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Learn to identify with your own character and make-up
  • Find your own personal truth
  • Discover and enhance your personal and professional excellence
  • Delight in your professional choice
  • Gain empowerment with new self–confidence, commitment, and motivation for achieving your sales goals and performance
  • Truly love your profession and love your very best product - as you haven’t before!

Increase Sales with “Happiness and Heart:” This Program is the Grassroots, the Basics for Your Selling Success

  • This course is a MUST for all of you that want to raise your bar for professional and selling excellence!
  • Gain wisdom and insight to build a solid foundation for creating your continued sales training platform for success
  • Successful selling is not only about closing the sale, it’s about building quality relationships, rich connections, and loyal trust—first with yourself – and then with your customers
  • Bottom line: You will learn to “treat people like they matter”
  • You will be given brilliant “tools,” wise strategies, and user–friendly techniques for exploding your selling success!

Learn About, “What Makes People Tick:” Enrich Your Selling Experience with
“Happiness and Heart”

  • You will be exploring and learning about the different personality types
  • Gain valuable information for building quality relationships between men and women and the four different generations in the marketplace, today
  • In order to understand others, you must first start by understanding yourself
  • Then you will be better equipped to recognize the different personality qualities, characteristics, and traits in others
  • You will gain powerful insights and marvelous wisdom to enrich your selling experience for both you and your client
  • You will be exposed to the fascinating study about human behavioral patterns

Learn How to Deal with Difficult People and Difficult Situations with “Happiness and Heart”

  • For ALL aspiring individuals who wish to conquer your difficult challenges in the work place with class, dignity, and finesse
  • Gain tools to transform your attitude and behavior when you encounter difficult people and difficult circumstances
  • Gain new awareness, gifted wisdom, delightful strategies, and brilliant tools for dealing — first with yourself—then with others in difficult encounters
  • As a result you will love your new consequences, results, and outcomes in a way that you haven’t experienced before
  • And, best of all, you will love the lessons learned and the gifts gained from confronting yourchallenging experiences
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