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Diane Marie Pinkard Offers
Expert Sales Training for Your Selling Success

“People love to buy from people who treat them like they matter” is the cornerstone of my philosophy and teachings. My unique approach to selling will transform your sales skills and confidence.


“I teach the art and science of selling but what lies beneath is the heart and psychology of what selling situations are all about. Diane has written a sincere and helpful tome for those who are ready to take their selling relationships to a much deeper level.”

TOM HOPKINS, author How to Master the Art of Selling

“[This] book offers sage advice for developing quality interpersonal communications. [The] author defines selling as ‘…a craft, business, and a way of living.’ This transformative work offers valuable tools and knowledge about personality traits, difficult people, closing a sale and other winning methods.”

“Diane Marie Pinkard, with a background in business and teaching, provides new information adjusted to today’s paradigm shift ‘…that people are once again appreciating the value of caring and trusting.’ The theme, ‘selling yourself’ focuses on achievement with heart and the idea that ‘people buy people and they buy best from people that treat them like they matter.’ A one–of–a kind work with success secrets for anyone.”

The Mindquest Review of Books

A Unique Approach to Selling That Gets Results: Diane has vast experience in sales, sales training, and understanding what makes people tick. Her unique approach of taking the time to understand yourself, and respect others, when it comes to selling is truly different than most other “sales” books. I’m a Leadership Coach for Millennials (aka Gen Y), and have also written 2 books, “Millennials Incorporated” and “Millennials Into Leadership”. I recommend her book to my audiences, and actually quote info from it, when I conduct leadership seminars and keynotes.


“No one wants to be treated like they are an annoyance to be gotten rid of. Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales tells of how everyone is a salesman, and how no one wants to shop at a store which treats them unpleasantly. A guide for better presenting oneself, it comes with many tips on dealing with rude individuals, mind games, and selling what one is trying to sell without laying it on too thick. Just Treat Me Like I Matter is a high recommendation to anyone whose paycheck relies on selling themselves along with something more concrete.”


“This book hits all the high and low points in sales and dealing with customers. I’ve been doing sales for over twenty–eight years and find the stories true to life. I thought the little anecdotal stories charming and made it easier to relate.”

ERIC LOCKE, President and CEO, Decorative Plumbing Distributors

“Diane speaks from the heart and the trenches of real life experiences, not just the boardroom. This book has something to offer anyone who’s considering entering into a business venture.”

EDAN CASSIDY, Sales Manager Cassidy Insurance Agency

“This book is a must–read for all salespeople, whether just starting out or with thirty–five plus years of experience like myself. All my salespeople loved it. Diane is masterful at weaving life experiences and down–to–earth sales training techniques into a book that sucks you in and ends up preparing you for your biggest sale: ‘Life.’”

THOMAS DE MEO, Owner Tile and Marble Outlet

“Even with almost thirty years of sales experience with a large computer firm, I learned new sales techniques from Diane’s book. She is very knowledgeable about her subject. The book contains an abundance of insights and wisdom gleaned by the author from a rich lifetime in sales. Easy to read, enjoyable book.”

JOHN O’MALLEY, Retired Corporate Senior Marketing Representative

“Diane’s book is an in–depth look at a salesperson’s perspective and techniques to better refine his/her tools as a professional. As a mother of two and a special education teacher’s aide for the last twenty–three years, I was able to apply her ideas and morsels of knowledge to my career and personal life. Her personal stories helped me to identify the struggles and experiences I go through every day as a customer. I am now a better customer because of this book. This book is geared to anyone looking for self-improvement or who wants to understand the dynamic of human interaction.”

ROSIE VARGES, Special Education Para-Professional and Mother

“Diane’s amazing heart for serving the client, her empathy for the customer and her passion for helping sales people catch the same spirit shines brilliantly through her writing and her speaking. I recommend her book, ‘Just Treat Me Like I Matter’ and the opportunity to hear her speak highly. ”