Sharpen Your Basic Tools to Boost Your Sales Success “Sales Success with Happiness and Heart”

Posted by Diane on Jan 24, 2010

The first message I want to share with you is: My motto and philosophy for doing anything and everything, is doing it with “happiness and heart.” Yes, nothing makes things go easier than to do them with a happy, playful attitude and a willing spirit. Even the rewards for accomplishment seem that much more delicious! So let’s dig in and take a look at some ideas for boosting your sales and selling success in the marketplace. And let’s do it with “happiness and heart!”

1. I like to say that there are only two things we have any control over on this earth: our behavior and our attitude. Everything else is entirely out of our hands. So if you do not like what is going on around you and, due to circumstances, you must be where you are at the time, check your own behavior and attitude. Rise above your difficult surroundings, elevate your personal presence, and discover your integrity, balance, and peace.

2. Master the desire, the passion, and the ability to compassionately, reach out to people. Nothing compares to the wonderful, cozy sensations we have when we sense that someone really cares about us.  Everybody has a hungry heart.  Humans thrive on healthy interpersonal connections – we are meant to be happy, social creatures.  And it’s so easy to achieve this bond by kindly extending a personal part of ourselves to others.

3. Treat people right, for, without your clients, you won’t have any business! How often I hear salespeople talk negatively about their clients; I hear them mock them and criticize them. They complain about their guests as though they are an absolute intrusion and inconvenience in their life. Don’t these individuals have a clue as to how detrimental their behavior is for both their professional and financial success?

4. Keep in mind, your current customer is always your number-one concern! The live body standing in front of you needs to take priority over any other work that you have to do, unless it is an absolute emergency. If you do have an emergency arise that can’t wait, honor your live customer and still deem him most important. Meet his eye and very briefly explain your reason for being interrupted or pulled away. Even ask permission before stepping away. Assure him you will be brief, and then get back to him as quickly as possible. When you return to your customer, acknowledge his gracious patience for accepting your interruption. You are performing two very important behaviors: First, you are using good manners.  Second, you are making your customer feel important.

5. Your most difficult customers are your very best teachers. You just have to learn to see these testy guerillas in that light. Experience must have already taught you that when you have a problem with a customer or a situation, you basically have two choices: You can either allow your problem to defeat you, or you can harness your problem and seek out a solution. Do you realize that each time you design a solution you create a valuable new tool for your toolbox? Isn’t that better than coming up empty-handed when you, once again, bump up against that same old aggravating rut?

6. Don’t see your errors as mistakes. See your errors as windows of opportunity to learn. See them as an opportunity to challenge yourself and grow in your own personal and/or professional life. Ask yourself, “What lesson am I supposed to learn here? What is this difficult person trying to teach me?” Find the lessons from your negative experience. If you look hard and long enough, they’re always present; there’s always something to be discovered. And from your lessons learned, you will further your own personal transformation by adding more skillful tools to your toolbox.

Now for the best part: Your commitment for personal growth will boost your sense for self-development and self-esteem. Your new, improved, genial image will be your beautiful gift for working successfully through your negative experience. When you’re willing to do the work, there will always be a reward! Now you can integrate this admirable new quality into your persona and carry it with you the rest of your life.

Cherish your challenging situations. All a problem is, really, is an opportunity to gain enlightenment, expand your personal awareness, and blossom into your own beautiful birthright. Knowledge is power!

7. Be personal and be enthusiastic with your customers. Talk and act passionately about your products and your services. Put your heart into your presentation. As I’ve said before, if some of these behaviors are foreign to your personality, practice in front of the mirror or role play with a coworker to make it more demonstrative and fun. An enthusiastic and demonstrative personality is very contagious! Be spunky, be perky!

8. The easiest and best intention you can program for yourself is, simply, be nice. It pays to be nice, and it costs you absolutely nothing. That is all there is to it. Try it on for size, set it into your automatic pilot program, and live “nice” every single day of your life. Choosing to be nice is a behavior and it is a habit. And, Stephen Covey states in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it takes 30 days to change a habit.

9. Hand in hand with personal etiquette goes gracious acknowledgment. Along with being automatically nice, be automatically appreciative. And by that I don’t mean a misappropriated and faked, “Thank-you.” I mean appropriate, sincere appreciation. Nothing is more condescending than not to be valued when you should be, nor, to be falsely rewarded for manipulative or insincere reasons. Learn the healthy workings of this very important concept and make healthy recognition your habit.

Practicing these behaviors requires you to pull your head out of the sand, to be awake and present. It involves you stepping outside yourself and facing the fact that you are only one little piece of the puzzle. Life is much more than just about, you – it’s about, teamwork, cooperation, and appreciation. Open your eyes and pay better attention; embrace the value for the team.

Take the time to personally acknowledge and thank the service people who work behind you, your coworkers, and employees (employers, too). Thank people with special phone calls, thank you notes, cards, and gifts. Reward people for their kindness and goodness. Do your part to turn this world around and make it a better place to be. For life to flourish, it takes a village!

10. And, of major importance: Each step you take with your customer is not a step towards the close. Instead, each step is a vital function for the process of the close! Your greatest reward for mastering the world of sales: You can apply your sales skills to all arenas of your life! And yes, with each word I write, with each sentence and sound bite I formulate, I am devoutly practicing these same empowering skills with you. I am letting you know, you have valuable worth – you matter!

So take some of your precious time to sharpen your tools in these ten basics. You can learn all the fancy jargon and terminology in the world, you can know more about your products than anyone else in your field. But, unless you genuinely connect and relate with your prospects you will only have a very slim chance of making the sale.

And yes, people know when they are with a winner; they can just feel it. This little golden nugget is a tough one to express in words, because sensing that you’ve found a keeper is truly a gut feeling. Somehow, consumers just know when they have landed with the qualified sales professional they have been searching for. They sense your genuine value of integrity; they pick up on your poise, your self-confidence, and your sincere interest in them. They know when they have found the right person to fulfill their needs. They know when they have found the person they want to work with. In other words, they recognize that you are there for them, and not yourself. And they will want to do their business with you!