Your Attitude is Everything! For Your Selling Success

Posted by Diane on Mar 31, 2011

Successful Tips for Overcoming Your Greatest Obstacle -

Your Attitude

You only have control of two things in your life – your attitude and your behavior. In Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, states that if we want to change the situation, we first have to change ourselves. And for us to change ourselves, we first must change our perceptions. “Remember, it is the perceptions you form that control how you see things and where you focus your time and energy.”

The process for human change begins within YOU! You have tremendous potential, worth, and the ability to change. And, of course, you desire good results from your efforts. But you must be willing to do the work and pay the price that success and happiness demand. The only one thing that determines the level of your success and potential, produces the intensity of your efforts, and predicts the quality of your results, is your attitude.

Some valuable basics to for you to practice and lock in:

1. Your attitude will make you or break you – in every aspect of your life!

2. Your attitude determines how you see yourself and how you perceive the world around you.

3. Your self-worth is established by your attitude and your belief system about you – how you see yourself, now and in the future.

4. No person or circumstance can control your attitude – unless you voluntarily surrender that power.

5. No one else can make you angry or happy, successful or unsuccessful. You make yourself what you are, by your choice to surrender yourself to a bad attitude or conquer a great attitude.

6. If you care at all about yourself, then you must accept full responsibility for your own actions and feelings.

7. If you want to receive the rewards and gifts your precious future holds in trust for you, then you must exercise the most important choice given to you as a member of our human race – and this is, maintaining total ownership over your attitude.

8. See your attitude as your free asset – a treasure of great value – and one you must protect dearly, accordingly. And beware of the vandals and thieves among us who will injure your positive attitude or seek to steal it away. Boundaries are necessary and important.

9. Having the right attitude is one of the basics that your success requires. The combination of a sound personal philosophy and a positive attitude about yourself and the world around you gives you a beautiful inner strength and a firm resolve that influences all the other areas of your existence.

10. Best of all, having a good attitude becomes infectious. To educate, I share an excerpt from my book:

“Being in good company is definitely contagious. In my own life, I frequently have people say to me, ‘Wow, you just know how to bring out the best in people.’ ‘ I’m not used to feeling so happy (so nice, so fun or whatever).’  ’Being in your company just seems to bring out the best in me.’  Or they will comment, ‘I just love to be with you.’  ‘I like myself so much better when I am around you.’”

Can you think of any other ways your attitude affects your success – or – how you can have a better affect on your attitude for your success?

Everybody Has a Hungry Heart!

Posted by Diane on Jul 7, 2010

Master the desire, the passion, and the ability to compassionately, reach out to people. Nothing compares to the wonderful, cozy sensations we have when we sense that someone really cares about us. Everybody has a hungry heart. Humans thrive on healthy interpersonal connections – we are meant to be happy, social creatures. And it’s so easy to achieve this bond by kindly extending a personal part of ourselves to others.

Today, we are living on the fast track in a rapidly changing world. Due to our modern existence, smothered with automation and highly sophisticated technology, making contact with a truly caring and competent service specialist seems to be becoming more and more of a rarity. In our time-pressed society we are all so busy multitasking, just to stay afloat, we have totally lost touch with the precious value for human caring and enjoyable interconnectedness with one-another.

If society could only realize that it takes so little to give so much, and it costs us nothing but our time! Unfortunately feeling starved for time, ourselves, we too, are so overwhelmed and self-absorbed that we totally overlook this modest, yet essential feat. It seems that in our present society, we are all out chasing the wind. Few of us are taking the valuable time to stop and experience the rich sensations of the soft, gentle breeze. How sad!

So what can you do to make a worthwhile contribution and difference in our spinning, out-of-control world? Be different than other salespeople, simply, by slowing your tempo down. Take that extra moment to treat your new prospects as though they are someone special. Take a few moments to tap into them; ask them about themselves and their talents, and listen to their responses with genuine interest. Let them know you are there with them and for them. Treat them the way you would like to be treated! You will be truly amazed with the wondrous results – your efforts will pay off tenfold!

I realize that not everyone is nice and/or receptive, nor do they want to be, and that’s just how the ball bounces. But what in the world do you have to lose by graciously channeling yourself to this euphoric place and seeing where it takes you? Again, this effort costs you nothing. It’s free! It seems almost impossible for me to express in words the blissful feelings you will experience when you realize the beautiful contribution you are gifting to others.

Besides the joy you are giving others, look at the wealth of goodness you are flooding into your own soul. Your sunshine energy not only affects your recipient, it permeates our universe. Think of your actions as a much-needed, healthy new epidemic – your vibrant, radiant behavior will catch on and become contagious. It’s really that simple!

Enjoy this beautiful, soft whisper from the past that I just read this morning: “Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.”  This quote comes from Elizabeth Bibesco, a 20th century English writer. Please lock this precious morsel into your heart and model it in your life! Envision each small contribution you make for the betterment of mankind, to add up and help make our world a better place.

This blog is an excerpt from my book, Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales.