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Posted by Diane on Nov 28, 2011



Diane Marie Pinkard is a Baby Boomer and Diane has a chapter in Lisa Orrell’s new book:  BOOMERS into BUSINESS.

Diane sees this book to be a great gift and resource for all Boomers who are seeking personal value and satisfaction, fulfillment, and increased income. Here is Diane’s Book Review for

“I know Lisa, I’ve worked with Lisa, and I’m a Boomer, myself. Also, I am fortunate enough to have a chapter in BOOMERS into BUSINESS, based on teachings from my book, JUST TREAT ME LIKE I MATTER: THE HEART OF SALES. From my rich life filled with abundant wisdom and experience, and my ability to teach and mentor, I know it is my life calling to help others. But the exasperating challenge has been: ‘How does the world find about me?’ Now Lisa has given me the solution! She has given me a beautiful, user -friendly roadmap to fulfill my heartfelt dreams and leave my valuable mark in this world. And with her well stocked and organized ‘tool box,’ I have no more excuses for not finding my success.”

Please enjoy a short synopsis of what Lisa has to teach us in her book: BOOMERS into BUSINESS!


 Almost 50% of Boomers Don’t Have Enough Retirement Savings:

 So What Can They Do?

 By Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru

 Did you know that Baby Boomers are currently retiring at the rate of 1 every 8 seconds (Judy Chartrand, Ph.D. and Bonnie Hagemann, Next Generation Leaders: Competency Deficits and The Bridge to Success).

 That’s a huge amount of Boomers, willingly or unwillingly, leaving their income-generating jobs daily.  But due to the economic shifts in our country the past couple of years, many Boomers cannot afford to retire securely or as comfortably when, how, and as, they’d hoped.

 Here are some startling stats to support this: According to The EBRI Retirement Readiness RatingTM in 2010 

  • 47.2% of older Boomers (56-62) are at risk of outliving their retirement savings.
  • 43.7% of younger Boomers (46-55) are at risk of not having enough money for basic monthly expenses when they retire

47.2%???  That’s almost half of the Boomers!  It means we have millions of people (46 to 62) who cannot afford to stop working at 65 and who are currently seeking ways to make more income now and on an on-going basis well past 65.

But there are also Boomers who simply don’t want to fully retire, even if they can, and are looking for something different to do.

Regardless of which scenario you may relate to, what can you do to generate income, full-time or part-time, or on the side of a current job, that is flexible, interesting, fun, possible to start on a tight budget, and, health permitting, do way into your golden years?

Become a Topic Expert! Most everyone knows something, from their career background, life experiences or from a hobby that other people will pay to learn about.

Whether you’ve been an HR professional your whole career, or a construction worker, homemaker, dentist, Life Coach, housepainter, or a hobbyist of growing amazing roses, you can monetize what you know to create a good income as a Topic Expert.

Where is the money in it?  You can: consult others; conduct training seminars; do public speaking engagements; create simple “how to” products; and much more.

And some Topic Experts never do any of those things! They do things like develop blogs or newsletters to share their expertise and sell ad space on them.

Whether you’re already self-employed, unemployed, an employee, or a hobbyist, you can share and sell your knowledge in a variety of ways to improve your financial future. So branding yourself as a Topic Expert is certainly one viable option to consider!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lisa Orrell, The Promote U Guru, is an in-demand Branding & Marketing Expert and Certified Success Coach with over 20-years of experience. She is the author of the new book, “Boomers into Business: How Anyone Over 50 Can Turn What They Know into Dough Before and After Retirement”, and she has also written 2 other top-selling business books available on Amazon. Recently she was voted one of the “Top 30 Most Influential Brand Gurus in the World”, and she is also the recipient of over 75 awards for marketing excellence. Lisa’s clients include: Small business owners, coaches, consultants, entertainers, academics, speakers and authors. Plus, she herself is a professional speaker. Based on her expertise, she has been interviewed by countless media, including: ABC, MSNBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Cosmo, China’s HerWorld Magazine,, American Express’s, and For more info about Lisa, visit:


Diane shares:  When you purchase your copy of Lisa’s book, please enjoy Chapter 20:  “10 Essentials for Making You a Sales Success with Happiness and Heart.”

Sixty-plus, and Loving It! by Diane Marie Pinkard

Posted by Diane on Feb 6, 2010

Recently, I have been reading and listening to some troubling comments by baby boomers that are very fearful or dissatisfied with their current professional lot-in-life!   Here is a brief consensus of some of the remarks I am hearing and reading:

  • I can’t find a job!
  • I can’t keep up with the changes and transitions, the world is moving too fast.
  • Am I even good enough anymore?
  • I’m having to accept positions and/or salaries that are beneath my dignity, experience, and means.
  • When I am seeking employment I see the expressions on the faces of young hiring managers.
  • Silently, I hear hiring staff members saying, “You are older than we are looking for.”
  • Companies seem to have a very specific idea of what they’re looking for in a new hire and they are unwilling to accept any deviation from that vision.  Obviously I don’t fit the bill.
  • Young hiring managers ask me, how easy will it be for me to follow their leadership?
  • I am afraid that, if I teach and mentor these young Gen Ys with what I know, once they get it, I will be booted out the door.
  • I fear that my company is feeling like they are paying me more than they want to pay me because of my seniority.    I just wonder when I am going to receive my “walking papers?”
  • I feel awkward and like a “fish out of water.”  I just don’t feel like I fit in.

Well my response to you struggling Boomers: 


And I believe that you have never been better!

I am now 63 years old and I feel like my gifts and offerings for my personal and professional life have never been greater.  And I can accomplish my daily tasks with grace, finesse, and self-confidence, all rewarding me with great success.   I feel like I have aged like a fine wine!   

For me, I am proud of my age and I am wisely fulfilled with my vast experience.  It is my many accomplishments and challenges that make me what I am today.   Sometimes I feel like the rough-edged, ragged stone that has spent many years  tumbling in the rock tumbler – and now I have come out to be the beautifully polished gem that God intended for me to be become.   Yes, I have learned that you definitely have to do the personal work – to get polished!

Speaking of polish, two pearls of memory come up from my rich past.   My Mother loves to tell me what her father used to say to her when she was a little girl: “Little Girlie, I wished I could teach you all the lessons of life that I have learned, but, unfortunately, you are going to have to learn them all for yourself.”

And second, when I was growing up, it always seemed that my mother could see so much that I could not see.   And that would irritate me because I wanted to think I knew enough to make my own decisions, not have to listen to her.  So one day, in an agitated state, I asked her, “What do you have Mother?  Do you have a crystal ball, or something?”

She confidently answered, “You just wait and see.  What you think you know now, you will be able to look back in ten years and see how more you know then, than now.”  Now I have lived long enough to know the wisdom in her words. 

So, after reflecting on these wise words from my Mom and Grandpa, I decided to start listing some of the benefits of being 60+.  The assignment I gave myself is one I give to my clients.  I ask my students to list all the good things going on in their life, then a list of all the bad.  And most often, when people really dig in, they find many more items on the positive side of their list, than on the negative side.   And that is exactly what happened to me!

I started writing and I could not write fast enough.  I was up over 35 entries and the pen was still flying across the page, knowing I still had more items to add.     A negative thought did not even enter my head.   After glancing at my list I thought to myself, I will look terribly conceited if I publish this whole list.  Why don’t I just pick 10 and let my readers have fun by adding many more.  And believe me it was really hard to cut this list to 10!  Here goes:

  • I draw from a deep well of rich experience and knowledge for living my life each and every day
  • I do not take things personally anymore, it is very difficult to ruffle my feathers
  • I have suburb work ethics
  • I am authentic – I truly walk my talk
  • I am very comfortable in my own skin
  • I can laugh at myself
  • I have excellent interrelationship abilities that can bridge many genres
  • I can love myself as much for my flaws and imperfections, as my many wonderful qualities
  • I can remain balanced, centered, and grounded in times of stress and trouble
  • I have a collection of life tools and skills to make life work with ease – my toolbox is full!


Yes experience does bring rich offerings to the table!   But the excited young candidates also bring wonderful attributes and qualities for achieving high performance.    So, if I was doing the hiring, I would be careful not to ever pass up a fine aging wine.  But, I would also want to be very careful that I was not tangling with an old, aging oak tree that that did not have some bend like a young, wispy willow tree.  

The key at ALL ages is:  Be open to learning new things, be open to growth and change, and cultivate and believe in the rich offerings of you!!

I would love to hear from the 60+ crowd, and hear about the rich “makings” of YOU!

A Powerful Shot-In-the Arm For ALL Baby Boomers!

Posted by Diane on Jan 24, 2010

I have a question for you: What do the Baby Boomers Have to Offer the Millennials and Gen X’s in our society, today? For me, this question reminds me of a great story my Mom used to tell me when I was a young girl. I sincerely believe my quest for seeking wisdom and knowledge stems from my mother and grandfather.

When my mother was a little girl, her father used to say to her, “Little Girlie, I wished I could just tell you all my knowledge and wisdom. But, unfortunately, you are going to have to go out into the world and learn it all for yourself.” Over and over again, my mother repeated this message to me, from my dear grandfather’s words to her.

Now that I am 63, I feel that I have a vast collection of experience, and I look forward to gaining tons more. And now I am reminded of a wonderful teaching my mother has given me. She used to say: “For everything you think you know, in ten years from now, look back and see how much more you know then.” Of course the first time she said that to me was when I was in my late teens – early twenties – back in the days when I thought I knew everything!

Well, I followed her advice, and as my 20’s past I started to reflect back on the last 10 years of my life. Needless to say, it was a real eye-opener, for I was in shock at how much I had learned. Worse yet, I realized how much I did not know that I did not know when I was 10 years younger. And it was my lack of knowledge and wisdom that caused me to make the choices and decisions I probably would not have made, if I had known better. So the joy I have today is, I have lived long enough to have a lot to offer for myself and others.

Just recently I had the opportunity to meet Lisa Orrell, the author of Millennials Incorporated. Since hearing her speak, I have purchased and read her book and I loved it immensely. For, I am a person that has spent most of my life, immersing myself into the study of human dynamics and learning about “what makes people tick.” From her book, I quickly realized that if I want to keep up I must learn more about the younger generations that are rapidly coming up behind me.
And the best part of my discovery is: I am just coming into my prime and I have more to offer now than I ever have. I am just so thankful to be old enough and wise enough, to know it! So now I ask myself, what words of wisdom and encouragement can I pass on to you Boomers that are struggling with the fact: “That the world and the young people are just not like it (they) used to be.”

What can I teach you that will contradict the belief that society defies the youth and abhors the aging? And, sadly the result of this critical mindset is: Many older people feel ignored, disrespected, and even shunned in the workplace and in their personal lives. For many they suffer a sense of confusion and rejection and as a result, they are becoming insecure and fearful. This is a very sad reality and even more, a very sad place to be.

So let’s see what words of encouragement and tips I can give you Boomers, to help you realize your wonderful value and contribution you have to offer to any age:

· View yourself as being the best that you have ever been! Stop worrying about how you think you are being viewed by others. You have now lived long enough to know who you are. Hopefully, you have found your authentic self. You are now comfortable in your skin. So, live the life that brings you great self-respect, pleasure, and dignity. Realize that living through the many chapters and experiences of your life have gifted you offerings that are rich and priceless. See yourself as the rough edged, rugged stone that has gone through the “rock tumbler” of life, and has transformed into a divine, priceless gem. Yes indeed, no matter what your walk in life you carry with you, the “rich makings of you!”

· Nurture the courage and heart to want to age gracefully. We all have a need to belong and be a desirable member of the group. Some of us desire that to the point that we will resort to extreme measures to retain a youthful appearance. But that method for fitting in is only going to delude ourselves. First, we must love ourselves for who we are, right where we are at this time. This simple insight is truly the best recipe for presenting a beautiful personal glow and enlivening your youthfulness. We must embrace our aging with internal joy, comfort, and grace. And our inner peace will certainly enhance our exterior beauty as well.

· Pursue your passions. Give these excited young people something to look forward to when they mature. Illustrate to them that at any age we have tremendous offerings and value. “Walk the talk” that they can model for their own developing and maturing. Your actualized example will accomplish two things: Your active presence will draw interest, attention and even admiration from others of any age. And you will give these young people great hope for their own future, as they mature into their “golden years.”

· Remove negativity from your life. I constantly teach that we only have control of two things in our life: our behavior and our attitude. That is all we can be in charge
of to change the world for ourselves and to influence others. So, foster your own positive behavior and attitude, then, stay focused on helping others. If you struggle with negative self-talk, replace it with affirmations that are positive and desirable. Don’t rely on others to save you, not any longer. Don’t waste time fretting and worrying, and becoming defensive, hostile, even angry, and blaming others for your feat. Instead, look for the lessons learned from your negative experiences and impart this knowledge onto others. Share like a mentor.

· Treat your aging as a natural process that you can go through with acceptance and grace. Experience “joy” in your life; stop seeking “happiness.” To understand joy in the Biblical sense, it is not to be confused with exuberance or with superficial cheerfulness, such as happiness. It is a peaceful quality that can run all through your life, no matter what the various circumstances that can arise. It is staying grounded, centered, and in a state of harmony with the universe – no matter what delights and/or challenges come into your path. Yes, joy is long term contentment.

· Consider the journey of life to be like a long hike crossing through the deep valleys and over the peaks of mountaintops. Yes, there is that great delight from viewing life from the mountaintop. We get that momentary, euphoric high, as in the state of happiness. But it is when we are in the deep dark valleys that we truly face our trials. That is where we do our best soul searching and, as a result, the best lessons are learned and the richest wisdom is gained. It is in the valleys that we get to find out who we really are, not who we are when everything if going just fine.

· Take good care of yourself. Respect the body that God has given you and take good care of it; and keep an active mind so that you will be motivated and a good interest to others. By taking good care of yourself you will definitely gain the respect and trust of the young people, and you will make yourself more appealing to people of all ages.

· Stay up to date with what is going on in the world around you. Pay attention to current events, social concerns, and political and ideological changes. Keep up with topics that matter to young people. Staying abreast to what is going on in our fast evolving world will offer you a strong bridge for building rich connection, and quality relating and interacting with the younger generations.

· By all means: avoid being “self-focused” and telling the younger generations about “the good old days”. Instead, be “other-focused” and be a curious student about what life is like in their “good new days.” Don’t bore them with what you have done. Instead, be curious and admire them for their great qualities, attributes, and contributions that they have to offer our society today. Learn more about them. And, who knows – they may teach you something.

· Best of all – concentrate on being helpful, caring, and a positive, healthy contribution to others. Honor and respect others for their uniqueness and differences. Learn some new practices and behaviors. You are never too old to grow! Some like to say: “When I quit growing I might as well die.” Being other-focused keeps you vital, interesting, and youthful at any age. And this is another great place to plug Lisa’s book, Millennials Incorporated: If you want to expand your horizons and grow with the times, her book is a wonderful, wonderful place to start!

I would love to hear from you if you have comments or any other information you would like to share. We are living in a fast changing world and us Boomers are living longer than any other generation before us. So let’s make our time here count and let’s leave our mark on the world for the short time we are here. We ALL do make a difference!