Discover the Most Powerful Marketing Tool You Possess: The Opportunity to Create a “Memorable Moment” with Your Prospect

Posted by Diane on Jan 6, 2013

A “Memorable Moment” is created when a customer experiences something that leaves them with a good feeling and a lasting positive impression, for their time spent with you. Simply put, “They Feel Like They Matter!”

A true sales professional is very difficult to spot!  Do you know why?  The reason they don’t stand out is because they are doing their job so well, you don’t even notice that their job is to sell.  However, unfortunately, we tend to remeber the people that seem like salespeople – the ones that leave us with a negative experience.

Great salespeople get what it feels like to deal with an incompetent salesperson and they despise the way this experience makes them feel.  And they don’t want to make their own customers feel this way.

So what do these unassuming sales professionals do that makes our time spent with them, an enjoyable experience?  Let’s take a few minutes together and analyze ten simple secrets they practice, that make their customer’s want to do their business with them!

Sales professionals do many of the same things that all salespeople do: they greet you, they ask pertinent questions, they qualify, they facilitate, and they close sales.  But    there’s one ingredient that’s very different about them.  It’s not what they’re doing; it’s what they’re being.  This behavior is self-taught and it has rooted itself, deep down in the essence of their beings.  They do what they do with no effort, no fanfare, and absolutely no pressure.

And they be what they are because they’ve done the personal work on themselves to become truly genuine, delightfully comfortable in their own skin, and relaxed to sell in their own unique style.  They are being exactly the kind of person they would like to have to assist them, when they need assistance.

They create a safe place for their clients to be.  Immediately, they set people at ease and create a positive environment and experience for their prospects.  They give their customers a part of themselves that lets their prospects know that they are there for them – and not for themselves.

With grace they ask poignant questions to uncover what the real issues and needs are for their prospect.  Then, they genuinely listen, paying attention to their responses, to body language, and, most important, hearing what isn’t being said.  They are aware, present and in the moment, as they interact with their new guest.

In well-chosen words, they reflect back to their prospect what they hear them saying.  They find ways to show sincerity, vulnerability, and genuine interest to provide reliable solutions and innovative options to meet their needs.

They are passionate about what they are doing. They shout to the world:  “I am here to stay, I am here to make a difference, and I want to leave my mark on this world. It may take me my entire life, but I will not give up until my purpose and destiny are fulfilled.” Yes, they are passionately “in love” with what they do!

They are there to assist their customer, to make a difference in their life.  “You know the expression, “It’s all about you.”  Well, in sales, “It’s all about your customer.”   And, also, keep in mind this ol’ adage: “What goes around, comes around.”   When you take care of your customer, they will naturally want to take care of you.  And they will do that, by rewarding you with the sale. Your efforts will come back to you tenfold!

They practice “Sales Success with Happiness and Heart (my brand).” They realize that their achievements come from connecting with their own heart, first.  Then building a quality relationship with you. And, they love the rich sensations and benefits for creating a heartfelt connection with you!

They’ve mastered the lesson from this wise little saying: “Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster.”  They thrive on perpetuating their genuine concern and caring for others, and spreading their goodwill and services.

Best of all, they love their client leaving their company, and saying, “My day was a better day, from spending time with you!  It was a great experience!”

In the world today, you must make progress – evolve and grow – for how you relate with your prospects and clients. Accessing live time to be together or on the phone with your potential customers is getting harder and more scare to get.  People’s time has become a extremely valuable commodity.  So when you get this precious opportunity you must make every minute count.  And in these moments, when it is all said and done, people will hardly remember all that you said or did.  But they will definitely remember the experience for how they felt during their time spent with you!

In closing, just remember what Diane says:

“People buy people.

And they buy best from people 

that  them like they matter!”

 Thank you for sharing some of your precious time with me, today,


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