Master Your Selling Success for 2011 – One Step At-A-Time

Posted by Diane on Feb 16, 2011

“Winners and losers both do the same basic things in their lives, day in and day out.  Yet the things that winners do take them to the top, while the things losers do take them down and out.  So what is the difference? The difference is their awareness, understanding and use of the Slight Edge in their life and work…The difference that will make all the difference between success and failure, between achieving the quality of life you want and settling for less than you desire and deserve, lies one hundred percent in which of those little, ‘insignificant’ actions you choose to do.”  These excerpts come from Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge: Secrets to a Successful Life.

So what is the key word that all aspiring sales professionals need to pay attention from Jeff Olson’s messages ?  Contrary to popular belief it is the “insignificant” actions you choose to do.  It is the simple little disciplines that are done consistently over time that will add up to be your greatest accomplishments.

Here are twelve things that have a big impact on your selling success.  And they are not listed in any particular order – each has its own significant right:

1. When you, first, make eye contact with each new face you meet, just smile. A warm genuine smile can help you instantly connect with other people and it immediately makes them feel good. Such a small gesture has such a positive influence for their first impression of you. You don’t even need to say a word. So simple, so important, and yet so often, ignored and abused!  Set a number each day for how many times you are going to warmly smile – and surpass it!

2. Eye contact is a very important tool for achieving a good connection with your customer. The value of good eye contact is twofold: First, it’s a very powerful silent communication message about you and your relationship with you. It reflects your level of self-esteem and your comfort level with yourself.  Second, our quality eye contact validates the person to whom we are speaking. When we look them in the eye and give them our undivided attention, we are telling them that they matter. We are honoring and valuing their self-worth.  Practice makes perfect!

3. Don’t think that if you are talking, you’re selling. So many salespeople foolishly believe that if they have a live body captive and they are talking, they’re performing their duties – they are selling. Wrong! Remember, selling is much more about listening.  So how do you challenge yourself to be a better listening and give your undivided attention?  Concentrate on your interpersonal communications skills and identify behaviors that are not serving you well.  Confront them and replace them with more effective deeds.  And practice them daily.

4. Pay attention to the clock and honor time! Whether you have a face-to-face meeting or you’re making a follow-up phone call, make sure you show up or respond when you’re supposed to.  And if you have a client in person or on the phone, and you are running over for time, ask if you can excuse yourself for a few moments to inform your next appointment that you are running a few minutes late.  For, showing up on time is nothing but a practiced commitment and a good habit.   And honoring the time of others is just a beautiful way to treat people like they matter. Everybody wins!

5. Always ask for permission before sharing more information and taking more of your recipient’s time! Asking for your guest’s permission doesn’t mean you are being submissive.  Instead it simply reflects a sign of respect.  Asking for permission to offer a solution or too discuss a product shows that you are honoring your recipients time and his willingness to continue on with you.   Whatever it is you want to do next, whether it be to take a few moment to speak in a cold call, or to schedule your next appointment – ask for permission.  And practice will make perfect!

6. Master the desire, the passion, and the ability to compassionately, reach out to people. Nothing compares to the wonderful, cozy sensations we have when we sense that someone really cares about us. Everybody has a hungry heart. Humans thrive on healthy interpersonal connections – we are meant to be happy, social creatures. And it’s so easy to achieve this bond by kindly extending a personal part of ourselves to others. So, each day make a point of learning more about a client, co-worker, service special, or vendor.  Show that you care about the lives of the people you are in contact with each and every day.  And do even better, tomorrow!

7. Be of service to each person you connect with in a day. If a co-worker is looking for a good doctor, give the name of doctor you love.  If a client is looking for a service you don’t provide, assist him with a lead that may prove valuable him.  If a potential prospect is looking for directions to his next stop, go to your computer and “mapquest” the address he is searching for.  Always see yourself as a resource specialist, facilitator, and a problem solver.  People will like that and they will remember you.  And help even more people tomorrow! The gifts for your efforts will come back to you tenfold!

8. Take the time to say thank you and do it with sending a card. Make it a practice to send a card to all new prospects, existing customers, and people you meet at networking events.  I am a member of SendOutCards.com and I love the easy convenience for organizing contacts and sending out special cards in a jiffy.  So set a goal to send out so many cards a day and exceed it!  Today, very few people take the time to send out thank-you cards so when a prospect, client, or contact gets yours, it will help you stand out.   And don’t forget to thank all the wonderful “little people” that help to make you shine!

9. Treat people with inherent recognition to build quality relationships. And what this means is – doing anything that tells people they are valued and are important is “inherent recognition.”  By working on your behaviors that build trust, respect, and caring for others, you will strengthen the foundation on which your relationships are built.  Imply keep the best interest of your prospects and clients at heart. And don’t forget your coworkers an service specialists. The sincere positive recognition will have a positive and snowballing effect.  And you will build this genuine reputation with one person at-a-time.

10. Grow to love the process. Grow to love the journey. Personally, I have grown to be much gentler and easier with myself, especially in tough times and challenging circumstances. I have realized that every personal challenge I face offers me a golden opportunity to learn and mature with grace. It’s through our struggles our planet keeps offering golden opportunities to show us a better way to inhabit our world. That is simply, how the universe works. Remember, it is your experiences dealing with difficult people and situations that will teach you the most. Learn to see your greatest adversaries as your most powerful teachers!  And pay even more attention, tomorrow!

11. Always be a “breath of fresh air.” Treat your prospects and clients, and all the people you are in contact with, with “Happiness and Heart.” This includes the office receptionist, delivery person, your product vendor, and anyone else you interact with, along the way. Always have fun with your customers and service specialist – simply enjoy life. Always be different than your competition’s sales force. Always see yourself growing and striving to be someone better!  Besides the joy you are giving others, look at the wealth of goodness you are flooding into your own soul. Your sunshine energy not only affects your recipient, it permeates our universe. Think of your actions as a much-needed, healthy new epidemic – your vibrant, radiant behavior will catch on and become contagious. It’s really that simple!  Always see yourself writing up lots of sales. Always treat everyone like they matter!  Then refresh yourself for another successful day, tomorrow!

12. Just remember, good news travel fast, but bad news travels faster.” A long time ago, when I first ventured out into the self employed arena, a dear friend of mine shared these delightful, wise words with me. And through the years I have found great wisdom in this message. Take a moment to ponder what Bill had to say, and see how it fits for you. Before tackling my own spiritual development, I found that it was much easier to blast out with my bad stories and experiences than to tell the good ones. It is said that individuals will tell ten people about a negative situation for every 3-4 persons they tell about a positive outcome. With the odds working against you like that, you must find the necessary tools and means to outperform your competitors.  Make some personal changes and start today!

The value in applying the teachings in Jeff Olson’s book to each of these twelve point, is to acquaint you with the Slight Edge philosophy.  It is to give you a new prospective for you see the world and how you live your life each and everyday.  It is to expose you to the fact that the things you do every single day, the things that don’t look dramatic, that don’t even look like they matter, do matter!  And, that they not make a difference – they make all the difference!

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