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Heart of Sales

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Improve Your Sales Success by Reading
Diane Marie Pinkard’s Book

Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales offers inspiring tools and techniques for developing strong interpersonal relationship with clients. In today’s marketplace where text messaging and email blasts rule, author Diane Marie Pinkard takes us back to the basics of sales, and coaches us on the importance of selling ourselves, as well as our products and services.

In Just Treat Me Like I Matter, readers will discover:

  • Simple practices for developing quality communications with customers
  • How to show their clients that they are truly valued
  • Wise techniques for dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Personality styles and the games people play
  • Step-by-step formulas for successful showroom sales
  • Real benefits from being an excellent listener
  • How and when to talk price

We are all salespeople in our own delightful right! Diane Marie Pinkard’s refreshing and sincere methods reflect what she calls a societal paradigm shift, in which people are once again placing value on caring and loyalty.

“I teach the art and science of selling but what lies beneath is the heart and psychology of what selling situations are all about. Diane has written a sincere and helpful tome for those who are ready to take their selling relationships to a much deeper level.”

Author How to Master the Art of Selling