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Sales Success With Happiness & Heart

Diane Marie Pinkard is your expert sales trainer and author for
" Sales Success with Happiness and Heart"

Diane Marie Pinkard is a gifted, award winning author, professional sales trainer, sales coach, consultant, and sales mentor. She lives in Santa Cruz, California and she offers sales training programs, both in person and on the Web. Diane believes that society is experiencing yet another major social paradigm shift – that people are once again appreciating the value of caring and trusting “interpersonal relations” in both the corporate world and the marketplace.

Diane maintains that: People love to buy from people who treat them like they matter. And she teaches that successful selling is not only about closing the sale, it’s about building quality relationships, rich connections, and loyal trust – first with yourself, and then with your customers.

Diane offers expert professional sales training programs and competent sales training services. Whether Diane is sharing one–on–one or speaking to a room (or Webinar) of many, she knows how to connect with her audience. She shares what she knows from her heart and speaks as thought she was sitting down and talking with a good friend. She draws from a deep well of experience and she knows how to get you to tap into yours. And what she absolutely knows how to do best is, she knows how to assist you to discover the rich makings of YOU! She certainly knows how to lead you to your own selling success!

Diane’s dynamic speaking style and personality are a welcome breath of fresh air. No matter what your type of selling, her teaching “toolbox” is brimming with brilliant “tools” and techniques for improving both your personal and your professional life. A natural teacher in spirit, and a sales speaker by trade, Diane will inspire you, she will challenge you, and she will delight you. Her approach is straight–up, genuine, and she genuinely shares what she knows from her heart. As she teaches she joyfully shares her street smarts and her delightful, heartwarming stories with the sincere intention of enlightening and educating you.